DWG Processor Application

The DWG Processor Application adds DWG support to your M-Files installation. This allows DWG format files to be processed on the M-Files server without the need to have AutoCAD or other authoring applications installed on either the client workstations or on the M-Files server.

The application allows users to automatically or *manually perform the following operations from an M-Files client:

  • Synchronise M-Files properties to DWG Attributes
  • Bind External References to create a self contained drawing for distribution
  • Generate PDF renditions of DWG files

As these operations are all carried out on the M-Files server, automated usage is fully compatible with the M-Files Desktop, Web and Mobile client applications.

* Manual access of these functions is implemented via the DWG Tools UI Extensibility Framework application and is therefore limited to the M-Files desktop client only.

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